Pro Tips to make your own Man Cave!

It is safe to say every man has dreamed of what his man cave would look like. There are plenty of how-to’s on how to create a manly space. But the goal is to make YOUR manly space. Whether you imagine your man cave being something out of a Batman scene, or a place filled with signed sports jerseys, there are several things a man can do to create a personalized man cave that stands out from the rest.

Choose a Theme

The theme is the foundation of every outstanding man cave. If you are into collecting, having a Collector theme would be a great way to showcase your treasures. If you haven’t missed Monday Night Football since you were seven, a Sports theme would be a great option. If you annoy your friends with your constant craft beer posts on Instagram, there is no other theme to go with other than an alcohol one. If your idea of a perfect night is waiting in line for a midnight premiere or rewatching Star Wars for the 3,435th time, create a Movie-Lover’s cave. Lastly, if you jam out to “Classic Man” and have no problem hitting up the spa, a Classic Gentlemen theme is the way to go. When you establish a theme, you have established greatness.

Make Your Own Man Cave Stuff

Sure you can buy some things you need for your man cave, but if you’re on a budget and extra manly, make stuff. Coasters are an easy DIY that are useful and add to your theme. Your coasters can be made from extra scrap metal or wood, turf, or beer caps. Every epic man cave also needs a set of rules, tailored to you and your crew. Examples: no whining, no chick flicks, belching is encouraged, hydrate with beer, my team wins, and dogs welcome. Repurposing is another great excuse to get your hands dirty and make something original. You can repurpose empty beer bottles, skateboards, car parts, or anything else you find lying around that you like. Beer bottles can be used for a wall clock, or coin holders. Car parts are perfect for pen holders, and wrenches are great for wall hangers.

Select Your Wall Decor

Your man cave is your opportunity to decorate however you like. No fancy mirrors, canvases of random quotes, or faux floral arrangements. Depending on your theme, you can put up your favorite movie posters, your signed sports memorabilia, or neon beer signs. PRO TIP: But if you want your walls to REALLY represent you, put up your own photos! Get that picture printed of when you won the little league championship, or that time you dressed up for Comic Con and met the REAL Captain Mal, or when you were courtside for that playoff buzzer beater! These photos are what elevates your man cave status, and in turn, reflect well on you as a man.

Stock Up on Snacks

No man cave is complete without delicious snacks and drinks. If you plan on watching movies, invest in a popcorn machine, candy boxes and vintage soda. If you have a sports-themed man cave, popcorn would also work, along with cracker jacks, and lots of beer. If you have a more upscale man cave, local craft beers, delicious cheese or a nut medley would add a touch a class.

Do your research

A man cave takes tact to build. Take inspiration from everywhere - consult experts about seating arrangements, TV options, decor and all the accompanying manly features in your cave. From the drinks you supply at the wet bar to the wood finish of the coffee table, study every detail meticulously, because that's what separates the man cave from just another room.

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