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What is Bluetooth and how is it used?

Bluetooth is named after Harald Bluetooth, who was known for his diplomatic skills to get different parties to communicate and trade together in real life. The name is a symbol of the Bluetooth technology's purpose - namely, a communication standard across platforms and products. The Bluetooth standard is like everything else in constant development. The latest version is called Bluetooth V5.0, and it is especially related to bandwidth (how much data can be transferred), speed (how fast it can be transferred), security and energy savings improvements are being made. If you see Bluetooth products advertised with no reference to Bluetooth Version number, you can probably expect it to be based on the fairly outdated thus cheaper Bluetooth 2.0 standard.

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Touch Control & Charging Box

Blindigo has introduced some new Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Both earbuds are completely wireless, so you can enjoy maximum freedom and comfort.  Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds weighs just 4.2g each and with its ergonomic dust proof design, keeps it securely and comfortable stay in your ears. Dual use methods enables one or two-ear wearing. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds also have built-in microphone with noise & echo reduction for hands-free telephony. With the touch control button, you can easily power on, play/pause music, switch songs and answer phone calls.

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