Subscription Services

1. Allows us to learn about your business inside and out.
2. When new needs arise you no longer have to vet a service provider or multiple providers. The intros are handled so you can move on to the meat of a project, and save every time

Flexible Resources

1. Instead of focusing on making this brochure or building that ad design the focus shifts to moving your business forward with results that look at the big picture instead of the one-off projects.
2. Writing a business plan or building a brand identity is not a full time job !

Flexible Resources

1. You may not always need a CRM manager or a Business assistant. Many a time, small businesses need these resources on an interim basis to support the entrepreneurial team


1. New projects with a full fledged agency can be costly. With a subscription based model, unless you pivoted to add new services or out of scope requests, your monthly fee remains constant.


1. For all you know, we may be working while you are sleeping. Thus being truly international and while working with multiple domain experts, Blindigo builds in flexibility, quality and price into its offerings

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Free Cancellation (within 10 days of Selecting your Plan)

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    Professional Services
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